Air Rover Protects Our Indoor Air Quality

At InterveneMD we provide the most advanced capabilities to assure the highest quality patient care.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the world realized the importance of indoor air quality. This is because as we learned that the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 disease may be transmitted by airborne droplets.

Why should you care about indoor air quality?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency “Evidence now confirms that this virus can remain airborne for longer times and further distances than originally thought. In addition to close contact with infected people and contaminated surfaces, spread of COVID-19 may also occur via airborne particles in indoor environments, in some circumstances beyond the 2 m (about 6 ft) range encouraged by some social distancing recommendations.”

Accordingly, the “EPA recommends increasing ventilation with outdoor air and air filtration as important components of a larger strategy that includes social distancing, wearing cloth face coverings or masks, surface cleaning and disinfecting, handwashing, and other precautions.”

The safety of our staff and our patients is protected, by Air Rover systems which provide superior indoor air quality.

We installed the Air Rover APS2000 system in our office to provide HEPA filtration and UVC lighting. Air Rover kills 99.99% of airborne bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. According to the company, “Unlike other purifiers available which only clean a portion of the indoor air, the APS2000 is the only option capable of providing up to 10,000cu ft of continuous sanitized air all while meeting the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) required 12 air exchanges per hour to maintain a clean air environment.”

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