Why do I have to cool down after my Vasper session?

After your Vasper session, you will lay on a cooling pad for 5-15 minutes. This time allows your heart rate and breathing to return to your resting rate and ask as relaxing transition between the Vasper session and the rest of your day. The cooling also aids in recovery from inflammation, pain or soreness.

Can I workout before my Vasper session?

As a moderate exertion exercise, Vasper can be used as a substitute or complement to your current exercise regimen. Vasper can supplement your workout by promoting performance gains, improving recovery and expediting rehabilitation.

Will I be sore after my Vasper session?

Most Vasper users report no muscle soreness following their session. Vasper is designed to be a moderate, low-impact, non-damaging exercise session which still delivers the benefits of an intensive workout.

Who uses Vasper?

If you can benefit from exercise, then you can benefit from Vasper! The software is customizable so your Vasper session we’ll be tailored to fit your level of fitness, endurance  and goals. You can expect to see professional athletes, senior citizens, those with severe disabilities, veterans, and even your neighbor who’s just looking to elevate  […]

Why is it so cold?

Vasper uses cooling not only to keep you comfortable during your workout, but also to increase your exercise efficiency and increase performance. During exercise, blood is shunted from working muscles to the surface of the skin to help cool the body down, reducing muscles capacity as oxygen is carried away from muscles with the blood. […]

Why am I barefoot?

You are barefoot during your Vasper session because we are cooling your feet! The bottom of your feet are one of the most effective areas of the body for heat exchange, so by cooling the soles of your feet, the heat generated by your body is released, which helps you stay comfortably cool and minimize […]

What should I wear?

Normal exercise attire is fine! We recommend a shirt with sleeves and shorts as well as avoiding exercise tights that are too compressive or slick. The workout is performed barefoot so there is no need to have athletic footwear. And remember, you won’t be sweating, so if you want to get in and out quickly, […]

I’ll Definitely Be Back…

“The Vasper + LiveO2 training made an incredible difference in my ski trip to Colorado! Normally the first few days I have to stop often because my legs are burning (as well as my lungs). I also normally get headaches and have a hard time sleeping due to the altitude adjustment. Right from the the […]

My Insulin Use Has Decreased…

“I’ve been a diabetic for 40+ years controlled with insulin. After using Vasper 7 times, my insulin use has decreased 10%!” – JP