Do I Need a Physician Referral?

A referral is not necessary unless your insurance requires it. Our staff will check your insurance benefits prior to an appointment and let you know.

Does Insurance Cover the Procedures?

We accept most private insurance, Medicare and Workers’ Compensation but do not accept Medicaid. As many of you have witnessed, insurance companies have tightened coverage over the past few years with many medical decisions subject to pre-authorization. Thankfully, despite these restrictions, most of our procedures (except for platelet rich plasma/stem cell) remain covered. However, you […]

Why Do I Have to Fill Out So Many Forms?

Paperwork has become an unpleasant but necessary part of modern medicine.  Insurance companies and governmental agencies require that certain forms be completed.  In order to properly bill your insurance company, we need specific information.  To expedite your evaluation, we ask that you fill out a questionnaire addressing your present and past medical conditions.