Savory Breakfast

Savory Breakfast Super fast and easy. As promised from the blog last week a savory healthy breakfast item.  I don’t think it really qualifies as a frittata.  Maybe more like a modified omelet.  Super fast and easy.  You will need the following items: Oven safe skillet or frying type pan 1 cup egg whites (I […]

Time to Eat!

Time to Eat! Two breakfast choices avoiding pro-inflammatory ingredients and focusing on anti-inflammatory food items. My last post on how nutrition has an impact on pain only provided an overview. Food choices and what we take in our bodies play a tremendous role in how we fight off and manage disease processes.    Since I love being […]

Eating Your Way to Less Pain

Imagine being able to lower your pain by eating. Recently there has been added interest in the role protein plays in regulating pain.