Certification of Pain Specialists

What Does “Board Certified” Mean?

We’ll help you sort out the confusion.
Our physicians are not only board certified in Anesthesiology, but have completed a one year fellowship in pain management and hold subspecialty certifications in Pain Medicine. We are also committed to continued medical education in the field of pain management so that we can offer our patients the most current treatments available.

Do you have any key messages for doctors in general about these topics?

With physicians it’s often a discussion about another examination, more training, and another testing modality. The process of certification and its maintenance is so patients know we are who we say we are. For doctors, it assures we have the training to take care of people and do things right. It’s about doing the right thing for patients for the right reasons. It lets us sharpen our skills, and gives us incentive to learn new processes. It behooves us to stay up-to-date and informed, and to make sure the public understands that we’re informed as well. The certification boards are, in reality, consumer protection organizations.

What sorts of skills or knowledge does the ABA-certified pain management physician have that others don’t?

ABA training and testing covers the entire spectrum of pain management. A big part of the certification process is Maintenance of Certification, which means doctors stay up to-date with changes in their particular specialty. Changes occur in medicine rapidly — new technologies, new approaches to treatment, new surgical techniques. It’s an evolutionary process, and tough to keep up with. If you maintain board certification, you’re more on top of things. If we’re really interested in the patients that we say we’re there to take care of, then it behooves us to be committed to lifelong learning.

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