“You Don’t Have to Live with Pain” in HealthLinks Magazine

New Therapies Offered for Relief of Pain

You Don't Have to Live with Pain from HealthLinks Magazine.

Dr. Todd Joye was interviewed by Theresa Stratford for an article, “You Don’t Have to Live with Pain” in HealthLinks magazine.

This is an exciting time for interventional pain management

Ms. Stratford writes, “You’ve decided that enough is enough. Perhaps you have finally reached the realization that the gnawing pain you have been dealing with for years on end isn’t going to just go away on its own.” In the article she speaks with Dr. Joye who shares his professional insights,

According to Dr. Joye, “There are more options now and more on the horizon,…Traditionally, it was steroid injections, which we still use today, but there are some exciting developments, particularly with regenerative therapy.”

“Regenerative therapy gives your body the tools it needs to heal itself by strengthening the ligaments of the skeletal system”

Ms. Stratford focuses her story, in part, on three therapies which Dr. Joye offers here at InterveneMD. “There are three options with regenerative therapy: platelet rich plasma, birth tissue products and bone marrow stem cells.”

Additional advanced treatment options at InterveneMD

Dr. Joye also highlights additional new therapies he offers, “Other new and exciting options to combat chronic pain are the Vasper system and IV wellness infusions. The Vasper system is a low-impact, 21-minute workout based on compression technology, cooling and interval training. If chronic pain has halted a workout regimen, the Vasper system could be the answer.”

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