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“Prior to trying a PRP injection, I attempted to address my back pain and sciatica with medication. I also tried steroid injections, but my results lasted only a matter of weeks. I was ready to try something new. And, I’m really satisfied with my PRP treatment! It’s been about 3 ½ months now, and I’m in much less pain. I would even say I’m 75% better. I’ll probably never be completely pain free, but my stress level is lower, and I’m finally back to a reasonable activity level.” ~Wanda, Patient Age 70

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When I made the decision to specialize in Pain Management, I understood the life-long commitment to staying informed of the latest developments in medicine, learning new procedures that would help patients like you live a full and productive life. My commitment to you has led me to explore, embrace and invest in new technology that may offer you a new level of relief and healing.

An exciting new development in the treatment of pain is showing promise to potentially eliminate steroid shots and even surgery. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) utilizes your own blood platelets to relieve pain from disc bulges, degenerative disc disease, and disc tears. In addition, early results also show success in addressing pain caused by arthritis of the spine. Plus PRP has been helpful in treating knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and foot pain.

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I’m pleased to offer current patients the opportunity to learn more about PRP, stem cells and new treatment options by viewing a video of my patient presentation.

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