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Regenerative Therapies

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Regenerative medicine describes the process of naturally repairing tissue that has deteriorated due to age or injury.

Most frequently, this revolves around cell therapies to kick start the healing process by taking cells from blood, fat, bone marrow and birth tissues and precisely injecting them into damaged tissue.

These advanced pain therapies to repair and regenerate damaged ligaments and tissues are effective on degenerative spinal discs, joints, muscles, tendons or ligaments.

They use your body’s own healing mechanisms rather than medicine or drugs to relieve pain and improve function. We began offering these procedures at Intervene MD because we are committed to providing you with access to the most affordable and advanced pain relief.

Dr. Joye has received advanced, specialized training in the administration and techniques of prolotherapy – i.e. regenerative medicine.

There are 4 primary types of regenerative therapy in use today.

Platelet Rich Plasma also called PRP or Platelet Injections, come from your own body. Inside your blood are platelets, and inside these platelets are many growth and healing factors which repair damaged tissue, fight inflammation, and accelerate injury recovery. When you have an injury, there’s a chemical alert system (in your immune system) that activates and attracts platelets to travel to the site of injury where they open up, releasing these wonderful healing factors that go to work to fix you. It doesn’t work within days because your body usually takes a little bit of time to do the repair work to heal itself, but they do work quite well within a few weeks or a couple of months. It’s critical that your physician have advanced equipment and training for the effective use, administration and quality of your results. View our PIVOT video below.

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Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is similar to Platelet Rich Plasma. HGH is administered as an injection that is placed in and around damaged muscles, tendons, and ligaments, helping to heal them. Human Growth Hormone works by stimulating protein synthesis and the formation of new collagen that remodels your degenerated, damaged and painful tissues. You have human growth hormone in your body but not enough to repair these areas, so if you choose this regenerative therapy, we order HGH for you from a specialty pharmacy who delivers the HGH to our office where we then administer it to you using guided imaging.

Stem Cell therapy consists of using you own body’s repair cells to help heal injuries. These cells come from your own body and do a remarkable job of healing injuries. You cannot order stem cells, they have to come from your own body. They often come from your belly fat or they are harvested from your bone marrow in your lower back at your pelvis and hip area. So, stem cells are retrieved from your body, prepared and then placed directly into the damaged areas of your body using imaging guidance.

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Birth Tissue Products are those taken from placentas and umbilical cords at the time of delivery. These products are taken from mothers who have been screened for disease. They are processed, frozen, and then thawed at the time of administration. There are no stem cells in these products, but they can still be helpful in attracting your body’s own native healing cells into the area.

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Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves.

Today we have the technology to accelerate your body’s healing of musculoskeletal injuries. We are able to trigger your body to use its own repair mechanisms to fix itself. We do so by gathering, concentrating, and preparing a variety of cells, such as platelets and stem cells, from both blood and tissue. These prepared cells are placed, by injection, at the site of a joint or tissue injury. Your body responds with an inflammatory process that initiates the building blocks of cellular repair.

As a result of regenerative medicine therapies, your tendons, ligaments, and tissues can grow stronger and your joints can gain increased range of motion. You can heal faster, regain lost flexibility, and improve endurance and flexibility in your treated tissues.

Are All Patients with Structural Dysfunctions (Ligament / Tendon / Joint) Candidates for Injections?

Proper patient selection is crucial to the success of prolotherapy regenerative treatments. Patients require a healthy healing potential and a strong immune system to benefit from this treatment. Good nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits are very important. Nutritional supplements including glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, vitamin C, multivitamins/minerals are very beneficial. Poor prognosis is associated with patients who have primary discogenic pain or spine fusions. Individuals who are alcohol or drug abusers, heavy smokers, have chronic illnesses including diabetes and immunosuppressive diseases, have fibromyalgia usually do not respond as favorably.

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